Welcome to Flea Bites 101.

I created this website after making a trip to a PetSmart to get some flea medication for my dog when I noticed the presence of fleas in his coat during a routine grooming session one weekend.

Confused and bewildered by the options before me, I set out to research and learn the differences between each type of flea control product and how each brand differentiated itself from the others.  I wanted to know what I needed and I didn’t want to get ripped off paying more for a “name brand” product that was all fluff and sales pitches.

So, I began my research and after a while the confusion disappeared and was replaced by complete clarity.  Then it occurred to me that there had to be many other people out there who also were confused and might find my information valuable.

Thus, Flea Bites 101 was born and what initially became a place to share my knowledge morphed into something a bit bigger.   You will find detailed reviews and comparisons of the flea control products and an extensive analysis of the top spot-on topical products so that you can find the best flea treatment for your dog.

I sincerely hope you find the content of this site useful.  If you do, please share it with your friends and family.

Disclaimer: Some of the products may link to Amazon or other websites.  If you click the following Amazon link and then subsequently buy something at Amazon, I get a referral commission.  You pay the same amount you would have paid, I just get a commission.  If you think the information I have presented is helpful and you want to say thank you, please click one of these links and buy something. I appreciate it and it helps me cover the assorted costs of running this website.