Advantage vs. Frontline


To the uninitiated, the many different names and variations of flea and tick control products is very confusing and that is plainly evident when people ask what the difference between Advantage vs. Frontline.

Advantage and Frontline are both “first generation” product names that have been replaced by superior formulas. The successor to Advantage is the Advantage II offering and the improved Frontline formula is called Frontline Plus. The original Frontline product is no longer available and has been off the shelves for nearly a decade. The original Advantage is still available on Amazon, but I don’t think you will have much luck finding it anywhere else save for maybe a rural store’s shelves collecting dust.

Please take a look at our directory of flea control product comparisons here where you will find Advantage II vs. Frontline Plus comparisons and many more so that you can determine the best flea treatment for your dog. These will be far more relevant to your current search although the comparisons of the older versions help provide you with a better understanding of how the flea and tick control marketplace has evolved over the last decade or so.

Be that as it may, if you are still looking for the differences between the original Advantage and Frontline flea treatment products I will provide a quick summary below.

The Original Advantage Formula

The original Advantage formula killed adult fleas, lice and to a lesser extent flea larvae. The only active ingredient in Advantage is imidacloprid. Advantage did not kill flea eggs nor did it kill ticks. It was essentially just a flea killing solution and left much to be desired. The only real “advantage” to using Advantage (please pardon the pun) over Frontline was that it had some minor effect on flea larvae.

The Original Frontline Formula

Frontline, manufactured by a company called Merial, contains only one active ingredient called Fipronil. Fipronil kills adult fleas and lice, just like imidacloprid. However, the major benefit of fipronil is that it also kills ticks.

With Frontline, you gained the ability to kill ticks and sacrificed the larvicidal properties found in Advantage.

My Recommendations

Advantage vs. Frontline: The winner is Frontline, but…

…the victory is meaningless since Frontline is no longer sold and Advantage is on its way out.

You will find that generally the Advantage product line is inferior to the Advantix and Frontline product lines.


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