Can Fleas Live on Humans?

Yes. Fleas can live on humans!  There is such a thing as a human flea, just as there is a specific type of cat flea and dog flea.  Dontcha feel special now?

The human flea is called Pulex irritans. They can and do live on humans

But, that isn’t the full story.

Don’t Freak Out!

canfleasliveonhumansBefore freaking out or overreacting, the odds of you being infested with human fleas is obscenely remote.  The fact that you are on the internet reading this website almost certainly rules out the possibility of you being actually infested with these little critters.

Human beings are not very hospitable hosts for cat and dog fleas and the odds are, even if your personal hygiene regimen rivals that of a 40 year-old virgin in the midst of a 72-hour World of Warcraft bender in the bowels of his mother’s basement, you are safe.  Human fleas simply cannot survive on humans who practice minimal regimens of hygiene and cleanliness.

Pulex irritans were far more common over a hundred years ago and frequently infested bedding, living quarters and the human body of individuals.  Today, vagrants living without shelter for extended durations are susceptible to flea infestation.  For example, an individual living in a wooded area in a makeshift tent or in brush under a freeway underpass/railroad trestle could be at risk.

Today, the human flea is found frequently on pigs.

Cat & Dog Fleas

After hearing about the existence of human fleas and how remote the possibility it is for a human being to be infested with them, the more paranoid readers wanting to make sure they cross all their “t’s” and dot all their “I’s” will ask about dog fleas on humans and cat fleas on humans.

Cat and dog fleas cannot live on humans.  They may feed on you and bite you repeatedly, but they cannot lay viable eggs on you and thus the life cycle of the flea is severed and the population dies off.

Obviously, even though the odds of a flea living on people is incredibly remote, we can still be bitten by several different types of fleas.  After all, there are over 2,000 different types of fleas in documented existence.  There are the aforementioned cat and dog fleas also called Ctenocephalides felis and Ctenocephalides canis, respectively.  Other common fleas humans tend to encounter with greater frequency are rat fleas (Xenopsylla cheopis), chicken fleas and sand fleas.

Can fleas live on humans? Yes.
Is it likely that you are infested with fleas?  Hell no.

Many people will ask the question: “How can we get rid of fleas on humans?”

Please see the following link to learn how to get rid of fleas on humans.