Cats: Flea & Tick Medication Price Comparison Chart

Looking for the cheapest price online for Frontline Plus and other flea and tick medications for your cat? Then you have come to the right place!

Below is the price comparison chart we have put together to help you find the lowest prices on the major flea and tick treatment products for cats.

We are going to jump right to it and provide you with our recommendations for you.


RECOMMENDATION #1: Frontline Plus from Budget Pet Care for only $47.96

REASON: Arguably the world's most popular flea and tick medication at the absolute lowest price we have seen. On top of that, no sales tax or shipping charges.​

RECOMMENDATION #2: ​The UK version of Frontline Plus by Budget Pet Care for only $38.99.

REASON: The makers of Frontline Plus sale a UK version of the same product called Frontline Combo. Frontline Combo has the same exact active ingredients as Frontline Plus and I believe it may be the same exact formula. However, I have not been able to fully research the inactive ingredients to see if the formula is truly identical.

As we have learned previously, animals respond differently to inactive ingredients thus it isn't enough to simply argue that the active ingredients are the same. If you love Frontline Plus and are happy with it, we recommend going with our first choice. However, we don't think anyone will go wrong using Frontline Combo and pocketing the savings, either.

RECOMMENDATION #3: Bayer Advantage original formula on Amazon for around $39.99.

REASON: Pure value. If you are a fan of the original Advantage product, then you will love this price. At about $40 for six doses, it is priced significantly lower on Amazon versus other retailers.​

Brick & Mortar vs. Online Retailers: Pros & Cons

We have included many of the major retailers with brick and mortar locations that you have heard of along with some online retailers you are probably not that familiar with to give you plenty of options.​


There are several pros to going with major retailers that have brick and mortar locations. First and foremost, you have the trust and confidence factor. Secondarily, you are going to get better shipping times than most all other online retailers, except for Amazon.

If you are a procrastinator who waits till the last minute to buy flea medication, you are going to pay a premium for it because the major retailers are usually much more expensive than your online options.


There are major downsides to going with traditional retailers and we touched on the main one above: cost. You are almost always going to pay more when you buy from a brand name store.

Not only are you going to pay more on the actual purchase price of the product, but you are also going to pay sales tax and potentially shipping costs. In California, sales tax are almost near 10% in many areas. That is a significant extra cost that adds up over time.

By purchasing from an online retailer like Budget Pet Care, you are going to only pay the actual purchase price of the product. There are no sales tax and they have free shipping. The downside is that you will have to wait 7-14 days to get your medication so you will need to plan ahead if you want to enjoy those savings.

​With today's credit card assurances and protections, I truly do not think there is really any advantage to buying at a major retailer. You are going to be protected no matter what. 

Quick Note About Amazon​

Many people blindly think that Amazon has the lowest prices all the time and that is simply not true. While they usually are very competitive, that is not always the case. Additionally, their prices change very often and you should always double check the prices we provide since they may have changed.

One more thing, pay special attention to flea and tick medication products on Amazon.​ A lot of listings are mislabeled or have pictures of the incorrect product. Also, not all products will be shipped for free to Amazon Prime customers.

Comparison Chart Table Information​

Please note that whether it is cat or dog flea medication, each manufacturer often has different size packaging with differing quantities and also have different weight specifications. This makes it fairly difficult and cumbersome to compare prices.

Unless stated otherwise, all product prices are for packages with 6 monthly doses and either weight ranges of "one size fits all" in the case of Frontline products and under 10 lbs for the others.​


Frontline Plus


 Frontline Plus

Frontline Top Spot

Bayer Advantage II

Bayer Advantage


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Pet Care Choice











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Free > $50*


World Pet Express







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