How to Get Rid of Fleas on Humans

As we established already on the “Can Fleas Live on Humans” page of this website, the odds of a person getting infested with fleas is infinitesimally small.  Just take a freaking bath, you hippie!

If you are really in that microscopically small segment of the population that ever gets fleas on their person then follow these simple instructions.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Humans

Take a hot bath and clean yourself thoroughly.  You should be fine with regular shampoo (they don’t make flea shampoo for humans).  Just lather up your hair and let it sit for an extended period of time as you thoroughly wash your body in the hottest bath you can stand.  Pay special attention to the areas of skin bordering areas on the body that have hair.

Then take a lice comb and slowly and methodically comb your lathered hair from the root out to the tip.  Repeat this bathing process daily until you have removed/extracted all the fleas.

A lice comb will only cost you about $10 on Amazon. Although there are some pretty cool electronic lice combs in the $20 price range.

So, the real question you are probably asking is: “How do I get these damn fleas to stop biting me for good!?”

Well, the answer is fairly simple.  But, that doesn’t mean it is easy.

You are going to have to get down and dirty and engage in an exhaustive cleansing of your home howtogetridoffleasonhumansand pets.  As we mentioned on the home page, fleas have a life cycle and it is important that you understand that treating your home, your dogs and cats and your person for fleas requires multiple efforts over the course of an extended period of time.

Flea infestation isn’t spilled milk where you can simply wipe it up and be done.

Killing fleas take work and the steps must be repeated several times to ensure their complete and utter destruction and removal from your home.  So you have to find the source of the problem and more than likely…it has four legs.

Find the Source of the Fleas

The first thing I would do is buy some Capstar flea treatment tablets and give one of them to each of my pets orally.  Within 30 minutes the pills will start killing fleas and one dosage will kill all the adult fleas on your pet. Capstar is great for immediate fast acting relief and particularly useful as a preventative measure when your dog goes out to play in the woods or a park and interacts with other animals that may have been infested.

However, that does not solve the issue of eggs and larvae embedded deeply inside the fur of your animals as will be the case when an infestation has been unnoticed and allowed to take hold on your animal or home.  The best spot-on flea and tick treatment is K9 Advantix.  It is better than Frontline Plus because not only does Advantix kill mosquitos, its active ingredients actually repel ticks, fleas, mosquitos, lice and biting flies and thus give a higher degree of protection.

You must treat all of your pets at the same time, even if one or more do not show any signs of being infested.

Home Cleaning

Now you have to thoroughly wash and clean bedding and fabrics in the hottest water possible.  Vacuum your curtains and drapes. Vacuum your carpets daily and empty your vacuum cleaner after each use.  Thoroughly sweep and mop your tiled and hardwood floors.

You may want to purchase some household products with insect growth inhibitors as well.

Rinse and repeat like the flea shampoo directions state….