Parastar Plus vs Frontline Plus

Our latest installment in our series of spot-on topical flea treatment reviews features a face-off between Parastar Plus vs Frontline Plus. For each respective product line, these are their top offerings that you should seriously consider when trying to find the best flea and tick control for your dog.

What Does Parastar Plus Offer You?

Parastar Plus, manufactured by Novartis Animal Health, contains two active ingredients: fipronil and cyphenothrin. Adult fleas, ticks and lice are killed by the fipronil and cyphenothrin added to the formula expedites the killing power.  Parastar Plus claims their ingredient combination starts killing fleas in as little as one hour.

Additionally, Parastar Plus contains a much smaller dosage amount in terms of liquid volume contained in the applicator.  In fact, up to 63% less than other products.  Another claim made by Parastar Plus is that the applicator makes the medication far easier to apply than other brands because medication stays in the tube until it is ready to be applied.  The soft, collapsible applicator makes it easier to control how the product flows onto the skin of your dog.

What Does Frontline Plus Offer You?

Frontline Plus is a more comprehensive flea AND tick control treatment solution for you and your canine. Manufactured by Merial, it contains fipronil (the active ingredient that kills adult fleas, lice and ticks) and (S)-methoprene (the active ingredient used to kill flea eggs and larvae).

Without question, Frontline Plus is the superior product in raw terms of killing parasites and the entire flea life cycle.

Product Pricing

Generally speaking, Parastar Plus has been positioned as a price play for those considering Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix products.

Miscellaneous Differences

Parastar Plus cannot be placed on puppies younger than 12 weeks.

My Recommendation

Parastar Plus vs. Frontline Plus: The winner is Frontline Plus, unless…

  1. If you have been using Frontline Plus for an extended duration of time on your dog, I would consider switching off of the Frontline and using Parastar Plus or another brand that has a different formulation so that your dog and the fleas in your environment do not build up a tolerance or immunity to the treatment.
  2. If money is tight and you are on a budget fixed income, I would choose Parastar Plus over Frontline Plus.