QOTD: Is it safe to use Frontline for puppies?

Welcome to our latest installment of our Question of the Day feature.

Question of the Day: Is it safe to use Frontline for puppies?


Many people consider a dog to be a puppy until it reaches its first birthday.  Most flea and tick control products can only be used on dogs that are 8-12 weeks in age. Frontline Plus can be used on puppies who are at least 8 weeks of age.  If you are buying your dog from an ethical breeder, you will not be able to take them home until they are at least 8 weeks of age, anyway.  It is illegal for breeders to separate pups from their mothers any earlier than that.

If you are bringing a puppy into a home that does not have any pets, you may want to delay your first topical application for a while.  Assuming, you keep your home and yard clean and orderly, take preventative measures with your landscaping and do not take your puppy into public places or open space, the odds of it being exposed to fleas or flea bites is probably fairly slim.

Note: Many people generally refer to Frontline Plus as simply being Frontline.  There are several products for cats and dogs marketed by Frontline and it is easy to get them confused when so many people simply refer to Frontline as a catch-all for all their products.  You may want to read our Frontline vs Frontline Plus review page to learn how the new and improved formula replaced the original formula. Learn whether or not Frontline Plus is the best flea treatment for your dog.