Spot On Topical Flea Treatment Reviews


There are many different types of flea treatments available for your cats and dogs.  The most popular type or market segment consists of spot on treatments.

What are spot on flea treatments?

Spot on flea treatments derive their name from the manner in which the flea and tick control medicine is applied or administered to your pet.  Flea and tick collars are collars that contain the appropriate flea and tick medication — hence their name.  Spot on treatments require you the pet owner to place a large drop (or more than one drop depending on the brand) of medicine directly on the skin of your animal.  The drop(s) have a thick and oily consistency and the skin absorbs it and distributes the medication across the entire body through a process called translocation.


What is the best spot on flea treatment?

It depends.  Don’t you hate that answer?

Before you get frustrated, we have put together an exhaustive review of the most popular spot on flea treatments.  Though it is exhaustive it is pretty easy to read and understand.  I highly recommend you take a moment to at least glance at it. If you would like to read our comprehensive review and comparison of the five leading topical flea treatment products on the market, please follow the link immediately below:

Best Flea Treatment for Dogs


Brand vs. Brand Comparisons and Reviews

Are you looking for more specific information about each specific product in the marketplace?  Are you interested in learning about how one product differs from another?You can find an assortment of individual product comparisons and reviews below separated in alphabetical order by product name.  Please note that there is some duplication in the links below because each product comparison is listed under each product brand name.

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Reviews & Comparisons of Bayer’s K9 Advantix against other brands:

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Reviews & Comparisons of Merial’s Frontline family of products against other brands:

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Reviews & Comparisons of Parastar family of products by Novartis Animal Health:

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